If you can imagine it, you can build it

Travel IMS offers you a flexible, dynamic packaging tool for building your own packages from a wide range of travel services including: excursions, transfers, tours, car rental, insurance and more.

Total Package Management

Multiple package options

Creating packages can be complex. There are many elements to consider such as prices and allotments. Travel IMS makes it easy for you to build all types of packages. Our platform gives you the capability to combine all types of travel products and services into customized itineraries. And you can track sales instantly by generating reports with just one click.

  • Define static packages with fixed components.
  • Define dynamic packages with optional components.
  • Integrate and sell your own or third-party products.
  • Price individual services, apply fixed package prices or calculate totals for all components.
  • Flexibility to adjust package content, dates, duration, extra nights and optional services.
  • Additional services can be added to a booking to customize the package.

Management efficiency

Travel IMS provides all the packaging functionalities you will need: creating, planning, pricing, booking and inventory control. Packages are automatically published to your B2B and B2C sites so that your agents can view the package content, prices, availability and make bookings.

  • Define mandatory days for different package components.
  • Include different origins and destinations.
  • Provide accommodation options based on location.
  • Automatic packaging during the booking flow.
  • Option to re-use packages.
  • Vouchers can be issued to customers per package or for each individual service.
  • Package components can include: travel insurance, entrance tickets, car rental, excursions, tours and more.

Package management: settings

The Travel IMS solution lets you define different packaging models based on the sales channels, products and suppliers you use.

Business Case

Dynamic package (train + hotel, hotel + service, flight + hotel, flight + hotel + transfer)

Fixed tours

Combination of destinations


Packaging Solution

Configuration wizards based on the type of product.

Multiple accommodation components (one per destination)

Product (flight, hotel, transfers, tickets). Shopping Cart available.

Standard package (based on two or more components).

Package management: flexibility

Travel IMS offers you complete flexibility to define the pricing for different types of packages.

Closed package

The package price is fixed by business managers. The selling price does not depend on the purchase price.

Sum product to product

The package price is dynamically calculated based on the cost of each of the products in the package.


The price is fixed for a subset of products in the package, with the rest charged at cost.