Travel IMS makes it easy for leisure centers and theme parks to sell complete travel packages.

Whether you are a small theme park or a large leisure complex, Travel IMS is an integrated solution that helps you grow your business by selling complementary travel products and services.

Our advanced packaging and booking platform expands your revenue-generating opportunities. Our solutions provide you with the most efficient path to selling travel products and services. And our business intelligence modules help you optimize every opportunity.


Expand your offer

In addition to selling tickets to your own attraction, you can cross-sell any number of travel services including: accommodation, transport and excursions. These can be sold separately or bundled into bespoke packages for travel agencies, tour operators and end-consumers.

Increase sales

Automate the sales process to travel agencies, tour operators, hotels and consumers, thanks to pre-built XML integrations and user-friendly B2B and B2C front end booking engines.

Manage your business

With Travel IMS, you can manage all aspects of your business: promotional offers, discounts, commissions, allotments, pricing, tariffs and contracts.


  • Sell a full range of products and services.
  • Issue vouchers and tickets.
  • Obtain business insight through the reporting module.
  • Manage tariffs and allotments.
  • Multi-currency, multi-rate, multi-language.