Manage and sell any travel product

With Travel IMS, you can select from a large range of travel products and services to sell. By building a broader offer, you can increase sales opportunities and boost revenues.


Powerful accommodation product management for selling both own and third- party accommodation products.


Sell charter and scheduled flights with full GDS integration.


Manage the sale of rail, bus and sea transport.


Use our flexible bundling tool to sell all types of packages and tours.


Sell add-on travel services including: excursions, entrance tickets, transfers, travel insurance, tours, car rental.


Organize transfers from airports, hotels and ports, using any our transportation services.


   Accomodation Management

Travel IMS provides an advanced and powerful management tool for both own and third-party accommodation products. Travel IMS stores detailed information on room types and accommodation facilities.

  • Manage product sheets in multiple languages.
  • Manage accommodation information: images, videos, descriptive content.
  • Apply search engine optimization.
  • Manage room types, including occupancy quotas.
  • Manage cross-sell product information.
  • Manage all applicable commission and taxes.

   Flight Management

Travel IMS provides a comprehensive inventory management tool for scheduled and charter flights, with full GDS integration. You can manage routes, seat allocations to agencies and access an always-updated database of airlines and airports.

  • Manage allotments and fares, by airline, class, flight time and destination.
  • Manage taxes and markup fees.
  • Manage routes independently by origin, destination or open jaw.
  • Manage one way and return group flights.
  • Manage the sale of ancillary products.
  • Manage flights with stop-overs and multiple-segments.
  • Manage multi-destination flights and preferred routes.
  • Support different types of flight products: e.g. supplier, airline, domestic.

Transport Management

Travel IMS provides a contract management platform to sell rail, bus, boat and cruise products. It also includes a booking wizard to simplify round-trip bookings.

  • Manage routes, stops, origin and destination points. Allocate seats and generate activity reports.
  • Define pricing structures and allotments.
  • Manage transfer arrangements: including addresses and passenger groups.
  • Support both charter and regular transport options.
  • Manage specific transport requirements:  e.g. vehicle and baggage size, booking classes, transport companies.
  • Generate sales reports.
  • Integrate third party products to manage rail and boat products.

   Package and Tour Management

Travel IMS provides the flexibility to price individual components or combined packages, including bundled and per-product pricing and the ability to bundle sub-packages.

  • Sell static packages based on fixed trip components.
  • Sell dynamic packages based on flexible trip components.
  • Integrate own and/or third party products to sell on a per zone basis.
  • Pricing options: price trip components separately or as part of a package.
  • Flexibility to manage package dates, including fixed or variable dates and additional nights.
  • Option to customize packages with additional components.
  • Define mandatory components for specific days.
  • Offer different origin and destination options.
  • Option to include different types of accommodation within the packages.
  • Automatic packaging when booking.
  • Ability to reuse packages.
  • Offer customers a voucher for the whole package or a voucher for specific package components.

   Services Management

Travel IMS makes it simple to sell add-on services such as excursions, event tickets, transfers, travel insurance, tours and car rentals.

  • Set up services by subtype or product type.
  • Include all product variables: e.g. origin, destination, cross-selling.
  • Customize allotments and pricing by service type.
  • Offer mandatory and optional cross-selling.

   Transfers Management

Travel IMS allows you to manage transfers for a range of transportation methods: minibus, taxi, bus and more. And an automated assistant and multiple reporting formats allow you to optimize pickups and round-trip bookings.

  • Group passengers to optimize pickups.
  • Generate passenger reports in different formats: PDF, Excel and XML.
  • Generate passenger collection information.
  • Set pickup and destination addresses for accommodation, airports, ports, stations and more.
  • Add address information directly from the booking.
  • Apply pricing strategies for different services: shuttle service, private transfer, per person or per vehicle.
  • Offer booking assistance.
  • Offer automatic return trips.