A single platform for inbound agencies to manage and grow your business

Travel IMS offers you a solution to manage your business processes and relationships with suppliers and customers.

A solution designed for inbound agencies that’s both effective and efficient at managing business processes.

Travel IMS has developed a solution that meets the specific needs and requirements of inbound agencies and tour operators.

Travel IMS is a flexible tool, designed to meet the needs of all inbound agencies, regardless of your geographical location and business set up.



Increase sales

With Travel IMS, you can manage all your current sales channels and establish new ones. We have built multiple XML connections, so you can sell your products to other companies and re-sell third-party products.

Absolutely any product

Travel IMS is designed to create, manage, book and distribute all types of travel products and services, ranging from hotels and tickets, to transfers, excursions, green fees and more. Creating packages and tours has never been so easy.

A single system

This single back-office system is fully integrated, accessible from any internet connection and allows you to manage allotments and prices. In addition, the advanced B2B front end means you can display your offers in an attractive user interface, using the same centralized system.


  • Build tours and packages.
  • Create itineraries, excursions and bus trips, including meeting and collection points, using a graphical planning tool.
  • List of services grouped by origin, collection area or point of interest.
  • Online booking engine.
  • Powerful B2B and B2C online sales module.
  • Multi-currency, multi-rate, multi-lingual.
Inventory Management System
Hotel, sky, tours, train, cruisses, flights, rent a car, excursions, health and beauty, tickets, general services…
Allotments and Prices
power and flexibility to your contracts. Simplifies the management without loosing definition: Any contract, condition, restriction, supplement, mark-up,…

Applies to the entire typology of packages, products and services: dynamic or static,required or optional components, own or third party product…


Meeting point for suppliers and third parties. Suppliers Support Services and access to clients through simple or more complex B2B models, with administrative capacity.

Revenue Management

Resolve any business condition, model any sales condition, automate revenue.

Integrations Engine

Numerous sale and purchase integrations. Ability to integrate with third party systems thanks to a powerful integrations engine with short time to market.


Manage your online sales of touristic product with a single tool. E-marketing, SEO and SEM strategies implemented in travel portals.

Business Intelligence

A comprehensive reporting system. Integration with other Business Intelligence Systems, automate reporting processes and ability to generate computerized reports.