Travel IMS is the most advanced sales and management system for hotel content.

With our connectivity capabilities, hotel properties and chains can manage inventory, availability and rates across all sales channels, from a single solution.

Expand your hotel offer by adding a wider range of products and services to your business model.

With the Travel IMS platform, you can centralize all your management processes in one place.

Manage your properties directly from the Travel IMS platform. Availability and rates can then be distributed to all channels, increasing sales opportunities.



Total flexibility

The Travel IMS solution caters to all types of hotel companies, regardless of size, rate complexity, allotments and any other criteria.

Add any product or service

When you sell accommodation, there are often other services that you could add to improve the customer experience. With Travel IMS, you can maximize revenue opportunities by selling additional services such as excursions, transfers, event tickets and more.

Increase sales

Travel IMS helps you maximize the visibility of your hotel brand and increase sales. We have built multiple XML connections and have one of the most advanced online modules for B2B and B2C sales. These elements ensure you can drive your business forward on a global scale.


  • Manage contracts and agreements for all types of services and products.
  • Manage room sales with full control over requests and sales activations.
  • Manage all allotments and rates.
  • Easy and intuitive booking process.
  • Revenue management module for defining your own business rules.
  • Powerful online sales module for B2C and B2B.
  • Multiple XML integrations with third parties.
  • Multi-company, multi-currency, multi-rate, multi-lingual.