Make it easy for your providers

Boost sales

Travel IMS offers an intuitive tool for your providers to load their travel products. And with a wider range of products and services for your travelers to choose from, you can increase your sales opportunities.

Simplify your suppliers’ work

The Extranet connects you with travel suppliers, helping to build more efficient commercial relationships.

Connect more closely with your providers

Travel IMS extranet is a useful and friendly tool for your provider, which will link your suppliers to your business and feed the product directly

Powerful Content Management

Travel IMS enables providers to manage the inventory for each product and service. Availability is updated in real-time across all systems as soon as a reservation is confirmed.

   Detailed information

Travel providers can load and maintain detailed information on all their products and services in the Extranet.

  • Create price sheets.
  • Register all contract details, including prices and allotments.
  • Apply promotional offers, discounts and supplementary charges to products and services as required.
  • Load multimedia content and descriptive information.

   Real-time information

Information loaded in the Extranet is displayed in real-time. This means customers accessing the booking system or websites will be able to search, shop and book reliable, accurate content.

  • Access supplier support services: rooming lists, booking reports, other notifications.
  • Manage allotments in real time.
  • Access to clients via simple B2C or more elaborate models, with administrative capacity (Extranet SMEs).

   Control and manage your flow

Travel IMS informs authorized offices of any changes made by a travel provider so that you can review the update and then accept or reject it.  Likewise, the system automatically informs travel providers of all customers’ bookings and any modifications made.

  • Manage parent-child rates.
  • Make modifications directly or through a validated workflow.
  • Make individual or mass modifications.