Advanced Contract Management

Travel IMS offers you the flexibility to manage different types of contracts, taking into account product, quota and pricing parameters



Powerful Quota Management

With Travel IMS, you can manage your entire inventory of products and services across all classes and categories. Availability is updated in real-time as soon as a reservation is confirmed. In addition, the Travel IMS team are ready to help you manage updates to the way you work.

Define quotas

Travel IMS provides you with the necessary tools to create, modify, search and manage all your bookings, products and travel arrangements. You can also define black-out dates for specific quotas so that reservations are restricted for that period.

  • Quota options: linear or by day of the week.
  • Quota situations: extra units and overbookings.
  • Quota transfers to agencies.
  • Manage room features, including occupancy limits.
  • Manage cross-selling of products.
  • Manage company fees and taxes.

Simplify quota management

Travel IMS allows you to change the number of available rooms or seats, keeping your quotas and inventories up-to-date. You can monitor quotas by date and track bookings in a calendar view.

  • Plan occupancy by accommodation, location and agency.
  • Set availability alerts by date and by quotas.
  • Export and import quota sheets in different formats.
  • Open and close availability for several dates at once.
  • Manage on-request status.
  • Guarantee contracts with fixed units.
  • Manage sales reductions for all quotas.

Apply quota conditions

Apply quota restrictions or sale conditions according to:

  • Room type
  • Board type
  • Number of days/nights
  • Days of the week
  • Sales channel
  • Maximum daily allotment

Flexible Price Management

Travel IMS provides flexibility to manage rates, costs and budgets. Multiple rate sheets can be created and maintained, for different markets, in different currencies and for specific customers.

Manage rate sheets

Rate sheets can be created with different prices for the same products and services, with the option to change prices by time period.

  • Rate sheets can be created per person, per night, per room, per occupancy.
  • Option to upload various room types and meal plans on a single rate sheet.
  • Include special offers on rate sheets.
  • Include an unlimited number of extra guests and children.
  • Price simulator.
  • Define prices by season.
  • Export and import rate sheets in different formats.
  • Open and close rates by date.
  • Open and close offers as required.
  • Automatic update of rate sheets with buying and selling prices.
  • Access copies of rates sheets and contracts.

Supplements and Discounts

Different rates can be defined and applied by season, catering for promotions, weekend rates and demand fluctuation.

  • Include different meal plans on the same rate sheet, with the option to add a meal supplement to the base rate.
  • Meal plan supplements for room-only rates.
  • Discounts and supplements by person, by night, by room type and by sales channel.
  • Discounts and supplements can be calculated as fixed amounts or percentages.
  • Apply discount and supplement conditions: mandatory, optional, default.
  • Apply discounts and supplements with management authorization.
  • Cancellation fees by person, room, or a percentage based on number of nights.
  • Package prices with extra night charges.
  • Complimentary room or room surcharges.
  • Manage complimentary room nights according to defined criteria.
  • Different supplements: e.g. by date, by date of booking, pre-booking period, by sales channel.
  • Apply discount and supplement hierarchy.

Manage contract mark-ups and discounts

Travel IMS provides the flexibility to manage specific rates for contract mark- ups and discounts.

  • Mark up contracts with percentage increases or fixed amounts.
  • Define product types.
  • Define by specific products.
  • Define by location.
  • Define by third-party groups.
  • Option to calculate mark-downs (for PVP integrations)
  • Option to apply surcharges and discounts to mark-ups.
  • Apply mark-up/mark-down rules to various contracts simultaneously.