Fully integrated reporting system

Our sophisticated reporting and business intelligence tools are built on 10 years of experience in the travel and tourism sector, combined with the deep industry and technical know-how of our parent company, Amadeus.

Reporting module

Integration with other business intelligence systems

Reporting module

Travel IMS reports can be generated to monitor key data for all levels of the organization: from executive management to front-line staff.  We offer more than 30 standard reports, covering product, commercial, operational and financial areas, as well as the option to generate your own tailored reports.

  • Rooming lists by supplier.
  • Arrival reports by accommodation type and service.
  • Automatically produce and manage large volumes of reporting data.
  • Sales reports by agency, supplier, product, branch and booking vouchers.
  • Guarantee reports.
  • Appointment reports.
  • Profitability reports by agency and supplier.
  • Reports of BI systems connected to APIs and database views.
  • Report exporting to Excel.

   Integration with other business intelligence systems

Travel IMS integrates with multiple BI tools to provide you with a complete reporting system.

Integration with other business intelligence systems

Interfaces available:

  • API Web Services that can expose the platform’s business logic.
  • Database views that provide simplified access to the system’s data model.

Examples of BI integrations:

  • Qlikview
  • Oracle BI
  • CRM Platform

Accounting software

Export accounting information using API integration, CVS files, Excel.

  • Legacy systems
  • Logic
  • Navision
  • A3con
  • Compaq-i

Financial software

  • Navision
  • SAP
  • Voxel
  • Integration using CSV, Excel, Database


All data stored in Travel IMS can be exported to Excel, edited and loaded back into the system.

In addition, Travel IMS has been designed to integrate with other business intelligence systems. This can be carried out with minimal development and offers customers extra reporting capabilities.